AI impact on human life
AI impact on Human Life

Now-a-days Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a big part of Human Life. It is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing tool. It helps people to get answers within seconds. While there are several positive points of this feature, there are several negative points as well. So let’s get to know some points about how will AI impact on Human Life.

1.Job Displacement:-

    As AI is a smart robotic tool, it helps people do some jobs easily and quickly. Particularly in some industries where repeated works are done. Ex- In a shopping mall, an AI robot can replace humans at the billing counter. According to a report by the World Economic Forum AI may impact 75 Millions jobs worldwide. For example an E-commerce company named Dukkan replaced it’s 90% customer care team with AI chatbot.

2.Bias & Discrimination:-

    If an AI is based on bias then it may lead to discrimination in the real world. Where many people have to suffer from this. It will create discrimination in many fields like Jobs, Study, Daily life, Govt Works etc. For example Racial discrimination in healthcare system in US.

3.Privacy Concerns:-

     From our long ago life, the privacy of a person matters a lot to the person. As AI bots/tools are available in the market, it’s becoming a threat to Human beings. If we are using AI for surveillance and data collection for information than it may lead to serious threat to us. For example:- Rashmika Mandanna deep fake viral video, which created lot of controversy.

4.Ethical Dilemmas:-

     Ethical Dilemmas means, it is the problem in the decision making process between two possible options, where either or can be accepted. Especially in crucial times an AI can’t take a simple decision while a human can take those decisions. 

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5.Security Risk:-

    A lot of companies are now using AI for security purposes in industries like infrastructure, cybersecurity, etc. It is very possible that a person, who wants to harm the society can take the advantages of AI system. It can lead to massive security threat to society. For example attack on  Crypto mining farms.

6.Loss of Human Control:-

    As AI systems continue to advance and become more independent, there is a situation getting created that humans are losing the control on them. If this continues then in future AI will take over everything from Humans, which will have a big impact on Humanity. For example AI giving machines the ability to make life-or-death decisions without human intervention.

7.Social Isolation:-

    As many people will use AI-featured programmes, the more we will depend on technology and less with human contact. It may lead to social isolation and loneliness. For example people now-a-days use Apple’s SIRI, Google Talk, etc for help instead of Human help.

Although the benefits of AI for humanity are clear, it is crucial for the global community to acknowledge and tackle the potential negative effects. Finding a middle ground between technological progress and ethical concerns is vital to ensure that AI benefits everyone in society and promotes inclusive and sustainable development. For that Policymakers ,industry leaders and the public should work together to minimize the risk and make sure AI should give positiveness instead of negativeness.

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By Rajeshm