Why does Pushpa 2 deserve blockbuster status?(Trailer,Release date)

Do you know if ‘Pushpa 2’ can be a flop or a blockbuster ? The upcoming movie of the Telugu industry is Pushpa 2: The Rule. This is a series movie, which will be released in multiple Indian languages including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada, and Bengali. The main character is played by the stylish star Allu Arjun, who has a huge fan following. So, Here, we will discuss some points that can predict whether “Pushpa 2” will be another blockbuster or a flop.

Pushpa 2 movie and its poster

1.Story line:

A strong story helps to make a movie a blockbuster. The story in the first part of Pushpa: The Rule had covered all fields like emotion, action, love, comedy, and the purpose of life. The story was based on how a labour becomes a gang manager who deals with the sandalwood business. This story was different and unique and, in the end, created suspense. So, the audience is excited to know what will happen in the next part.

2.Allu Arjun’s amazing performance:

We all are know that Allu Arjun is a Telugu actor but still he has a huge number of fans all over India and also in foreign countries. He has been binding his fans through his amazing performances like acting,dancing skills etc. We have also seen his action in his previous movies like DJ, Surya, Ala Vaikunthapurramum, Pushpa: The Rise, etc. The main character or hero of this movie is Allu Arjun, so his fans are waiting to see a glint of acting.

3.Supporting actors:

Except Allu Arjun (Pushpa Raj), Rashmika Mandanna (Srivali), Fahadh Faasil (Sekhawat Sir), Sunil (Mangal Srinu), Rao Ramesh (Bhumireddy Siddappa Naidu MLA), Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari (Kesava), Dhananjaya (Jolly Reddy), Ajay (Molleti Mohan), Ajay Ghosh (Konda Reddy), etc., have given their amazing performances to make the movie more attractive.

4.Visuals,action and BGM:

To make a scene more attractive and to connect with viewers’ feelings, visuals and BGM play an important role. In Pushpa: The Rise, we have seen a high level of background music and action scenes which were out of the thinking. So, in the next part of this movie, Pushpa: The Rule, we can expect more than the first part. So, it can be a major cause to make it a blockbuster.”


”Pushpa 2” movie will be released in the month of August 23, 2024, and it has every thing needed for a blockbuster movie. It has a lot of fans, an exciting story, grate actors, impressive visuals. The sequel is expected to be a big hit at the box office. Fans are excitedly waiting for it to come out, and it won’t be long before “Pushpa 2” becomes a real blockbuster.

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By Sanjib