Why Punjabis Can’t Get Enough of Canada ?

Living in the Land of beautiful Maple Leaf, or Canada, is a desire shared by many people worldwide. For all the Punjabis out there, this is especially true. Punjabis consider Canada to be the second paradise because of the tales that their friends and family tell them about it. Canada so turns into a panacea for all issues. For a Punjabi, Canada embodies hope, dreams, and endless possibilities. Numerous variables can impact the aspiration of individuals, particularly, Punjabi to shift over there. Let’s delve into the reasons behind why Punjabi youths are so irresistibly drawn to the Great White North.

Maple leaves

1.Financial Opportunities

One of the motivating factors is the belief that working in Canada or in abroad enhances job advancement. Students may look for chances to work for prestigious international corporations, where they would acquire useful experience and abilities.

Canadian flag

2.Influence from family and society –

Success stories of individuals who have gone abroad achieved success can influence others to follow a the similar path. Youths often listen to the tales of their elder brother or sister visiting that place ten years ago and making millions of dollars. These tales prevent teenager’s minds from developing realistic concepts of how to live and develop in their own country . They never consider innovative company concepts like those implemented by snapchat, Watsapp, Swiggy, Amazon , Uber and others. The only idea which quickly pops up in their minds is to travel overseas, whether it is legal or not.

Indian students at Canada

3. Standard of living

Canada has a very modern infrastructure including efficient transportation systems, well-developed healthcare facilities, and advanced educational institutions, while Punjab may lack in certain aspects of infrastructure development. Canada consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices due to factors such as clean environment, low crime rates, cultural diversity, and social tolerance.

Housing Colony at Canada

4.Lack of role model earned in Punjab –

South Indian states have many IT companies whose CEOs are south Indians itself. In other states we have Mukesh Ambani , Radhakishan Damani , Aditya Birla , Kishore Biyani and Lakshmi Mittal who inspires in many ways. But Punjab has none ! So there are no stories to motivate the youths to go for entrepreneurships or do something productive.

5 most successful and rich person of India

5.Immigration Opportunities –

For some people, the possibility of immigration serves as motivation. They might look into possibilities to go abroad permanently for their families or themselves in nations that grant citizenship easily.

poster of canadian flag

In conclusion, a variety of reasons, including improved economic prospects, top-notch educational options, welcoming immigration laws, a multicultural society, and an all-around higher standard of living, may be responsible for Punjabi adolescents’ desire to relocate to Canada. All of these elements work together to make a strong case for many young Punjabis seeking a fresh start and a brighter future in Canada.

By Ritika