What are the Things to Know about Indian Cricketer’s Popularity?

Indian crickters popularity and brand value

Cricket is a dominant sport, and in India, it is believed to be one of the most lucrative sports. Cricket is an integral part of every fan follower who lives in India and supports the men’s team. It is also a money-spinning sport where all current cricketers are earning handsomely. Besides playing for Team India, most current cricketers endorse various brands that make them top earners. Cricket is a passionate game, and people here are emotionally attached to their favorite players. That is why wherever team India plays, fans travel to all parts of the world to support their players. Well, in this article, I will explain how cricket India has become a branded sport and how Indian cricketers make significant money by playing and promoting their brand.

Cricket is next best sport in India

  • A lot of money cricketers are getting because of the revenue generated, and central contracts are one of the prime sources of income for all Indian cricketers.
  • Whenever team India plays for either bi-lateral series or ICC tournaments, a lot of sponsors and advertisements cover the whole tournament. This is the reason Indian cricketers are making booming earnings.
  • Since every ICC tournament is significant, many corporate sponsors plan their marketing strategies. Indian cricketers endorse their brand, doing brand promotional activities to promote it.
  • Therefore every player, if they are consistently perform at the highest level, they can be a popular cricketer. Cricket India becomes the powerhouse and most dominant cricketing nation.

Perform for team India to deserve a permanent spot

  • In cricket, players who are dropped or cannot be considered due to inconsistent form also can earn their recall by playing domestic cricket and need to perform to again play for team India. Consistency is the key here, and playing for Team India itself is a motivational thing.
  • The current team has many players who lead from the front in crucial matches and won many games single-handedly. Hence it is needed to perform whatever format of cricket you are playing on. Team India skipper Rohit Sharma earns and leads his side to many ICC tournaments.
  • With the 2023 world cup just around the corner, all eyes will be on team India to win this year’s ICC world cup. Hence whenever team India plays any big tournaments, fans and media cover all tournaments and thus, cricket becomes a popular sport in India. Whenever India cricket match going on everyone glued to the TV set to watch it and support team India.


Cricket has been a popular sport not just in India but worldwide; it has a global appeal. Thus, playing for Team India has its challenges and also rewarding. That is why, globally, cricket gets popularized, and these players are inspirational to the upcoming players who they emulate and try to give their best to win matches.