Why do People think Drinking & Smoking make them look Cool-Breaking the bad perception of Coolness

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In today’s society, there exists a misguided perception that indulging in activities like drinking and smoking enhances one’s cool factor, but what exactly is cool and how people have ended up thinking that Drinking & Smoking are a status symbol and it makes them look cool, Is it the societal pressure or is it your family and friends where you feel that if you don’t involve yourself in such activities then you are not fit in that place or you will not look cool. But why do people continue to believe that indulging in these habits enhances their image? And, more importantly, how can we break this harmful perception?

Let’s discuss what are some of the major reasons why people have Adapted this bad perception of coolness by hopping into activities such as Drinking & Smoking.

  1. Peer Influence: Peer pressure plays a significant role in shaping perceptions of coolness. It’s very common these days to get convinced by our Peer because nowadays if we don’t adapt to what our peers are doing then we will not feel that we are part of that group and somehow it creates an impact in our mind that for being a part of this group then we have to adapt to what they are doing and these days “le bhai tu bhi mar leh ek se kuch nhi hota” has become so common that youngsters fall in this Honey trap and consequently, individuals engage themselves in activities such as drinking and smoking, not only to fit in but also to project an image of confidence and sociability to their peers.
  2. Stressbuster & Relaxation: Many people turn to alcohol and cigarettes so that they can forget all the tensions in life and escape reality for a short time. The point here is that people have considered themselves as slaves of toxication as it’s very easy for them to get high and forget all the worries. The problem here is that they don’t understand the fact that these things are addictive and harmful to our health. Despite knowing sometimes people convince themselves that this is what they require now and this will make all the problems go away. But again here I ask the same question, that why are people more attracted to these things, is it because it’s giving you temporary happiness by numbing your mind for some time or just because everybody else is doing it.
  3. Media Influence: Movies, television shows, and advertisements often glamorize drinking and smoking, portraying them as sophisticated individuals. From a young age, people are exposed to media in which they show stars who drink and smoke as glamorous or sophisticated. Movies, TV shows, and advertisements often show characters who indulge themselves in these habits which will make them look confident and attractive, creating a subconscious association between such kind of behaviour and coolness. They think that if we copy them then people around us will think that we are also as cool as the movie stars and they will treat us and give us the same amount of respect and love they give to all the movie stars who indulge in activities such as drinking and smoking and they think its cool.


The belief that drinking and smoking make individuals look cool is a complex phenomenon which is rooted in social, cultural, and psychological factors in our day to day life where we will get different kinds of people and for everyone the definition of “cool” varies because we can tell them where the path is, we can also show them where the path is but we cannot walk it for them.
As there is a great saying “As you sow, so you reap” , I know 99% people still believe in this notion that drinking and smoking makes them look cool, then they are simply digging their own grave. The remaining 1% who understood something from this article will take an oath that they will break this bad perception of coolness and lead by an example.

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