Why Bollywood Movies are not Performing Well at the Box Office in Recent Times: Stats| Report Card

Bollywood Movies Performance

Bollywood films nowadays fail to engage the audience. Earlier, we used to see engaging and compelling storytelling, which is clearly missing these days. Audiences are now smart enough to judge or check quality content-driven plots, impactful narration and less over-the-top acting.

That is why Indian films need to concentrate on bringing the audience back to the theater again. So, why have Bollywood movies struggled at the box office, and how hopeful are we to say Bollywood’s golden era again come back? In this article, I aim to share a few reasons contributing to films’ debacle in recent times. Bollywood movies 2022 was not the good ones and this year we hope to see more content driven films.

Lack of Well-Defined and Engaging Content

  • In the past decades, Bollywood movies have been supposed to stand among the best movies in domestic and overseas box office collections.
  • In pre-pandemic days, movies were accepted by the audience, and there was a heavy rush at the ticket window. But sadly, we see the reverse as per films’ performance at the box office. The reasons are a lack of good quality content, originality and more films based on the South remake.
  • As a result, the audience fails to understand the film’s concept and universal appeal. Films like War or Sooryavanshi, somehow managed to gross over 100 crore and were declared the blockbuster.
  • But apart from these, there were none of the Bollywood movies did well and sadly flop at the box office. So is the blame going to the filmmaker or actors’ choices of films? Well, both are debatable as we are in the middle of the year 2023 and still, we have not seen any films work well in both single-screen and multiplexes.

Actor’s Choice of Films

  • If a film when does well, everyone shares equal credit. However, questions are asked when films struggle and exhibitors and film distributors all experience profit loss. Often actors need to understand what the audience wants for them.
  • An impactful acting performance followed by foot taping and chartbuster songs or music which they can sing and listen to even after years. Nowadays, Indian audiences don’t sound interested and rooting for OTT-released movies.
  •  Films’ storyline is also a major reason for today’s film failure. To engage the audience, filmmakers and writers must analyze and develop a new story that engages the viewers and the chances of the film doing well also increased. Last year, Sooryavanshi was the main film received well at the box office pre-pandemic year. 70% of the films last year were flopped, and film distributors and exhibitors faced huge profit losses.

Newness and Good Quality of Film Presentation

  • Indian filmmaker needs to fine-tune their selection of movie-making. They have to sit together with writers and producers to analyze what needs to be done to captivate the audience.
  • Many small-budget films were successful, and because of their low budget, they could recover the film cost. So the same can be said for actors who need to rethink their film choices and have a break in films.
  • A list of actors is doing multiple films, and hardly the audience cannot digest their choices of films. There is a big debate about South film’s dominance in global cinema.
  • Films like RRR and KGF are the perfect example of South films’ entry into Bollywood. Films presented with engaging, stylish and intriguing storytelling have all ingredients to be liked by multiplexes and single-screen theaters.


As per trade analysts and film experts’ opinions, this year, we can expect films to do well with reputed production banner films released their movies at the end of this year.  A List of actors like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar previously delivered blockbusters, and we just hope Bollywood movies will definitely do well to bring back the audience and Indian films again reach their pinnacle of glory.