What are the popular Simpsons predictions that came true later?

The Simpsons, longest-running animated television series and longest running scripted prime-time TV show in U.S. which is going on since 1989. It’s an American animated comedy tells the story of the Simpson family and the residents of the typical American town of spring field.

The Simpsons Predictions:

This show had been much popular for its jokes. It is almost impossible that a cartoon series can predict future but this whole time since 1989 it has predicted many things and they have shown it through their show to the audience which has been true in the future.

1. Predictions of Facetime, Smartwatch and GoPro

In 19th Episode of Season 6 -1995 there is this one Character whose name is Lisa goes to a fortune teller. She wanted to talk with Marge Simpson of 15 years ahead. Then Lisa is also talks on a picture in Television. In this show that device is called as picture phone, which is the facetime of today. In 1995 this technology was an imagination but in today’s time we all use this technology.

Lisa using Facetime

In this same episode only Simpsons had shown smartwatch and after 19 years this invention is also done. In today’s date we all use smartwatches. In one episode only two major products of Apple were predicted.

Using Smart watch

In 1994 Simpsons had also predicted GoPro in episode 13 of season 5. They show Homer Simpson had to do an investigation in which he fits a small camera in his hat. The time at which the episode had come there was no mention of GoPro.

GoPro camera

2.1994- The Horse meat Scandal

In one more episode of 1994 when a lady is shown who is preparing food for people adding horse parts in that food. She cooks that horse meat and feeds it to the people they didn’t even know about. In 2013 in Europe there had been a very big Scandal of horsemeat started in Ireland and United Kingdom in January. Since then it has spread all around the Europe. Many meat suppliers of Europe Silently had started putting horse meat instead of their meat. They had started supplying this horse meat to many restaurants and food chains. Till a very long time people didn’t even know that they were eating horse meat. This was a very big scandal of Europe food Business.

Horse Parts Trunk

3.The Simpsons Movie (Government is listening to everybody’s conversation)

This movie predicted that government records and listens to all our conversation. In this movie Homer Simpson and The Simpson family pollutes the whole US water supply which the whole government is behind them and due to this the whole Simpson family has to run and hide. This thing becomes so big that NSA (National Security Agency) gets involved to find the whole Simpson Family. NSA listens to their cellphone conversation and then they catch Simpson family.

Simpsons had told us earlier only that in future the Government will listen to all our conversation through cell phones. Now we all noticed that we discuss any topic and an ad regarding that topic starts to come on our phone automatically. Slowly we have become used to all these things but Simpsons had told this thing very early.

NSA Listing Conversation

4. The FIFA Football World Cup

There was a Football World Cup is shown in the Simpsons and the final match of that World Cup is shown which is between Brazil and Germany. In that episode Germany wins. 2014 FIFA World Cup was predicted. Simpsons had already shown that Germany will win. They had also shown that the opposition team in the final match will be Brazil and Germany only.

FIFA World Cup Between Germany and Brazil

5. Lady Gaga Show

Simpsons had shown that Lady Gaga has got her own headliner show on Super bowl. They show in that episode how the Lady Gaga will perform on Super Bowl’s headliner show. In 2017 Lady Gaga perform accurately like that.

Lady Gaga real Image

6. Donald Trump being President

In season 11 Episode 17, 2002 it was predicted that Donald Trump being president by Simpson. And it happened much later around 2016-17 in the exactly same way it was shown in that episode.

Donald Trump being President

7. Higgs Boson or God Particle

We are all around us are electrons, protons and neutrons which together create everything. In atoms there is something other than these things which gives mass to atoms. It was named as Higgs Boson. The idea of Higgs boson was given in 1964 and from these scientists are trying to find out an equation through which they can find out the value or mass of Higgs Boson.

In 1998 in this episode it is shown that Homer Simpson becomes a scientist and studying and working on different topic including Higgs boson. In that episode Homer Simpson’s blackboard is shown and there are many scientific equations. Between all those equations there is one equation of the Higgs Boson written down on that black board which its value can be decided. In 2012 after many years’ scientists spent cores of rupees for their scientific research and make one particle accelerator through which drive an equation. Through which the value of Higgs boson can be calculated.  That was almost a replica of the equation which was there in that episode of Simpsons. It was predicted before years and one of the most important of science history. Isn’t it unbelievable?

Higgs boson Calculation

The Simpsons Predictions for the year 2024-25

  • Donald Trump becomes president in 2024.
  • Robots start to replace human workers
  • World War III
  • Colonization of Mars
  • India nuclear attack to Pakistan

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By Pipi